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Finally, a flag that looks as good as your brick, stone, or stucco mailbox!

I found out about flip-flag mailbox flags through the internet. My neighbor’s mailbox has no flag and the wife told me it frustrates her because she can’t use her mailbox to actually MAIL things. My husband and I decided we would fix it as a Christmas gift and went to Lowes and couldn’t find anything specific for brick mailboxes and ended up buying the only flag they had in stock. Needless to say, it did not end well—So I googled images of brick mailboxes and came across the flip-flag. I’m shocked this isn’t being sold in Lowe’s or Home Depot yet. It’s a simple fix and sold at a very decent price! I will definitely recommend the flip-flag to others.
Brittney, TN

We recently moved to Arkansas from Virginia and inherited a bricked-in mailbox. A couple of neighbors told us that the postal worker will not pick up the mail without a flag. A couple of other neighbors have your flag. I met one of them and they gave an extra one that they had ordered. I am ordering a couple of for the ladies I walk with in the morning that haven't managed to find them. Great product!
Melinda, AR

I found your product while searching for an alternative for the terrible flag on the brick mailbox at the house we just bought. Great idea!
Kevin, AL

We had a stone mailbox pillar installed and wanted to install the flag but could not. I did not want to drill the stone work or the mortar joints because of possible damage. I got 2 because my neighbor has the same problem.
Michael, PA

... a perfect solution!
Monique, UT

I wanted to give you feedback on my Flip Flag. My mail carrier loves it. It saves him time because he doesn't have to lower the flag. He recommended it to some of my neighbors, who came by to see it. I gave them your contact information. You should be receiving a few orders from my neighbors. I wish you great success with your product. Thank you.
Andrea, TX

Thanks for the mail box flags. They are just great. I have a brick enclosed mailbox and the flag broke off that was screwed into the brick. I don't know how to put it back on. These are perfect.
Annie, LA

I just received and installed my flip-flag. Its first usage will be to send out your check in the morning! I love the simple idea and construction. Me and all of my neighbors have been looking for something like this since all of our mailboxes were constructed without flags.
Paul, TX

I actually found you online while looking for mailbox flags. I knew I needed something different for my newly constructed brick mailbox, and had something like yours in mind, but didn't expect to find it, and there it was! Why didn't someone make these years ago? Thanks again!
Lisa, OK

I construct stone mailboxes and prefer the clean lines and ease of operation. Other flags cheapen the efforts of the masonry work.
John, GA

I bought a new mailbox at Lowes a couple weeks ago and am having masons replace it into my stone pillar. I am surprised I couldn't find a flip-flag at Lowes alongside the mailboxes. Everyone around my area has a masonry mailbox and most have the ugly flag mounted to the side of the masonry. This flip-flag is so much cleaner!! Why don't you hook up with Lowes and Home Depot? I bet you'd make a fortune!!
Mike, TX